Adaptable system based on Scalable Video Coding for high-quality video service

Laura Pozueco, Xabiel G. Pañeda, Roberto García, David Melendi, Sergio Cabrero. Computer and Electrical Engineering. Elsevier.

Content adaptation to a heterogeneous environment like the Internet is a key process for improving the perceived quality of the user. This paper presents an adaptive streaming system
using Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology. Using feedback information from clients about the transmission status, the server is able to select the most suitable combination of SVC layers
for the available bandwidth. The estimation of the available bandwidth is carried out with non-intrusive methods, based on classic metrics such as packet loss, jitter and novel metrics like
the linearity of reception times of RTP packets. The system is implemented in real equipment and the results show the correct operation and the accuracy of the system when adapting to different variations of the available bandwidth. We also study the scalability of the system when everal clients access the service simultaneously, demonstrating that our system is as scalable as a non-adaptive system with SVC.