Interactive trends in the TV advertising landscape

Almeida, P.; Abreu, J.; Reis, M.; Cardoso B. Proceedings of CENTERIS 2013 - Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems.

We have been witnessing significant changes in the television ecosystem, particularly in terms of the any time any where concept, where an array of technological advances allow viewers to watch their programs without constraints from the TV programing guides, the viewing location and the type of viewing equipment. This temporal and geographical flexibility creates conditions for a profound change in the viewing habits, confronting the advertising market with new challenges that are reflected in the way viewers are exposed to advertising, how they can skip the advertising, and how they integrate the complementary devices in the viewing practices where TV ads spreads.

In this sense, this paper theorizes about the paradoxical relationship that technology delivers by allowing confronting the new ecosystem that emerges from it, with the potential it has to open new business models related to the TV advertising market.

So, after an analysis of the emergent television consumption dynamics, the paper focuses on the potential of interactivity for television advertising, featuring a taxonomy of rising interactive advertising models centred on TV or complemented with companion devices.

It concludes with a discussion on the challenges to the advertising market derived from the transformations being witnessed in the TV ecosystem.